Privacy and Disclaimer


With the hereinafter used you as form of address is meant user/buyer/customer.
Below the handling by Tekno B.V., including the trade name among others, hereinafter Tekno B.V., of your personal and business data is described including the collection, use and share of these data. This in relation to the websites run by her like and in accordance with the data protection act.

When you use the website of Tekno B.V. you allow her among other things that she, where she considers it be desirable, collects and process the following data from you;
- From all visitors, buyers, bidders on its website Tekno B.V. collects and process standard information on internet use, statistics on page views, traffic to and from its website. This also applies to IP-addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and other address information where given.
- From advertisers Tekno B.V. collects IP address, email address, since when the advertiser has become active on Tekno B.V. and, where given, name and address information, phone numbers and advertising data.
For a paying advertiser this also applies to bank and credit card data, including account numbers. NB: These financial data is for personal use and only for directly involved third parties like for example a collecting agency and or advocacy.
- From controlled sellers we collect / store the name and address data, foreign (if applicable) and only to check the accuracy of the data a copy of a passport, driving license or ID Card and a copy of a recent bank statement or giro statement.
- From participants in a forum Tekno B.V. is also entitled to collect and process IP addresses and all information they have posted on the forum.
- From participants in a promotional campaign or contest Tekno B.V. collects and process name and address data, e-mail address and the entry for the promotion or contest.
- From people who send a message to the helpdesk Tekno B.V. collects and process IP address, name, e-mail address, operating data PC and the question or comment.
- Following reports Tekno B.V. can process information, including personal data, on certain disputes between advertisers and users/visitors, including to store the data in a database of Tekno B.V.. The in this context stored data are not based on own research by Tekno B.V., but come from the users of their website who provide the information to Tekno B.V. trough a report.
- Proceeding the reports Tekno B.V. can process information, including personal data, about (alleged) intellectual property infringement and/or unlawful acting.

Cookies, web beacons
Explanation concepts:
1. Cookies are small files which are placed on the hard disk of your computer.
There are different types of cookies (session cookies and permanent cookies, including cookies based on flash technology). Session cookies are being removed from your computer as soon as you close your web browser. Cookies cannot damage your computer nor the files on your computer.
2. Web beacons are electronic images which are placed in the code of the webpage.
Tekno B.V. or her service providers can make use of cookies or web beacons on some of her webpages.
Tekno B.V. can make for example use of session cookies to make it easier to navigate the website and the permanent cookies to save certain user settings so that the use of the website can be optimised for you.
Tekno B.V. can use permanent cookies for example to place more targeted information on the website and gather information about its customers for the purpose of more targeted communication like the provision of service information about her products and services and
targeted marketing for its products and services as well as for targeted marketing for her group companies and (when you gave permission) potentially third parties which are carefully selected by her. Tekno B.V. can also use permanent cookies to advance the trust in and security of her website.
The targeted use of cookies helps Tekno B.V. with the analysis of the use of her website and enables Tekno B.V. to offer her customers targeted services, content and ads. It also enables Tekno B.V. to measure the promotional effectiveness and to advance the trust in and security of her website.

For your information;
- Certain offered and to offer functionalities are only available through the use of cookies.
- Tekno B.V. can use cookies to help her to identify you and to maintain your login status.
- You are free to refuse cookies provided your browser allows you to do so. It can however hinder the use of certain websites or services of Tekno B.V.. If so desired see the help function of your browser or flash settings.
Tekno B.V. may work with service providers who will place cookies or web beacons on your computer to gather anonymous data about the way you use the website of Tekno B.V.. The gathered information enables them to help Tekno B.V. with customer oriented ads. It is not intended that these companies gather any personal data about you with the help of these technologies.

The collected information is being used by Tekno B.V. for her own use and only limited by third parties. These are for instance;
- Providing our services and or products on and other supporting promotional activities;
- Promoting of safe trading via Tekno B.V., detecting and following up of tips and or unlawful acts via her website;
- For users to answer their questions.
- Capturing /recording of reports related to disputes and (alleged) infringements of intellectual property rights.
- Providing to certain third parties of (personal) data, like rightful holder, regulators, tax authority, justice department, Police and other law enforcement agencies when Tekno B.V. is required to do so on the basis of laws and regulations or when she sees cause for it on the basis of this privacy policy.
This can also be in civil suits for truth discovery where Tekno B.V. is by law directly or indirectly involved or can be involved with.
- The enforcement of compliance with the terms of use and or policies of Tekno B.V.;
- The collection of fees.
- Where there is a one time authorization the used bank account numbers and address data are stored by Tekno B.V. to enable, that you only have to input these data once and furthermore from the viewpoint of prevention and combatting of fraud. For these purposes when paid differently then by one time authorization, no credit card numbers or bank account numbers will be stored, but the sort of credit card and the used bank are;
- The measurement of interest for the services of Tekno B.V. and the advancement of the ease of use of the website;
- Information to users about services and updates;
- Under the condition that you gave permission to do so, the sending of advertisements coming from carefully selected parties by Tekno B.V. including but not exclusive targeted deals by these third parties with the help of the way you use the services of Tekno B.V. or the by you supplied preferences;
- Possible other uses as specified under the collection of the information.

You may only use personal data, collected on the website from Tekno B.V., from another user exclusively for responses to a particular placement of that user and not for sending spam or for collecting and further processing of personal data without the explicit agreement of that user.
Tekno B.V. can and may block messages sent through her website by automatic means in order to counter the distribution of spam.

You can see, change or delete your personal data on the website of Tekno B.V. or let her modify or delete. For the work she has to do for this she is entitled to charge you for the costs. Tekno B.V. can refuse to let you see, change or delete when she suspect that this conflicts with the data protection act or conflicts with legitimate requests from the authorities.
Tekno B.V. stores personal data no longer than legally permitted and remove personal data when they are no longer necessary for the goals as described above.

Tekno B.V. is doing its best in order to protect your personal data as good as possible and takes various technical and organizational measures (among them encryption, passwords, physical security) This for the purpose to stop unauthorized access, unauthorized publication or other unlawful acts.

Tekno B.V. is free to amend this policy at any time. The amendments will be in force immediately. Tekno B.V. advise you to see the privacy police regularly. You can send questions about the policy to
This privacy policy is composed by De Incassokamer B.V. and will be in force on 10-01-2013


This website of Tekno B.V. with the trade name among others, herinafter Tekno B.V., is made with the utmost care. It is however possible that at any time not all information on it is correct and or complete. The content of the website has an informative character and no rights can be derived from it by user/buyer/customer. Among others tariff information is herein included.
Exception to this are the general terms of sale of Tekno B.V. which are valid for all quotations, transactions an use of this website.
Among other things Tekno B.V. reserves the right to make improvements and or adjustments to her website.
Tekno B.V. accepts no liability for possible damages as a result of the use of this website and or use of the information posted on it. Exception to it if there is provable guilt because of gross negligence by Tekno B.V..
Tekno B.V. cannot vouch for the circumstance that any information on this website doesn't served the purpose for which the information is consulted.
Without the express written permission of Tekno B.V. it is not allowed to reproduce and or publish any graphical and or textual display of this website. It is also not allowed to store it in a database. This in any manner whatsoever.
Tekno B.V. doesn't hold itself liable for any misuse by third parties of copyrighted material.
Expressly subject to all rights of Tekno B.V..

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