Museum and Shop

Are you interested in seeing “live” thousands of Tekno models from the past and the present? If so, we invite you to visit the Tekno Museum in de Lier.

Since its foundation in 1928 Tekno has produced an impressive quantity of truck models. A collection from the last three decades can be seen in our Museum in De Lier. We will be delighted to give you a guided tour and it goes without saying that the entrance as well as the coffee is free of charge.

  Opening hours of the Museum / Shop:
    Saturdays from 10.00 to 15.00 hours.
    Coldenhovelaan 8
    2678 PS De Lier
    Entrance: free of charge.

NOTE: Museum is closed on 29-09-2018!


Additional openings 2018;

Friday, March 16 13.00 -16.00
Friday, March 30 13.00 -16.00
Friday June 1 13.00-16.00
Friday, July 27 13.00-16.00
Monday July 30 10.00-15.00
Friday August 3 13.00-16.00
Friday August 10 13.00-16.00
Friday, October 19 13.00-16.00
Friday, November 30 13.00-16.00

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