New 28 ton meter crane for HMF

New 28 ton meter crane for HMF

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Danish company HMF, Tekno was able to produce a 4-axle Scania R-series. HMF is one of the leading companies when it comes to truck loader cranes.

HMF (Hølbjerg Maskin Fabrik) was founded in 1945 and started making motorcycles and trailers & tippers for agriculture. The first crane was produced in 1952 and since then HMF has continued to specialize in truck-mounted cranes. With its head quarter in Denmark, HMF is active worldwide with its own subsidiaries, dealers and service partners. It offers a wide range from light to heavy cranes with capacities from 3 to 95 ton / meter cranes.

Especially for the 75th anniversary, Tekno has made a 4-axle Scania with of course a newly developed HMF crane. The 2820K5 crane is a 28 ton meter crane with 5 extendable parts. A new longer chassis has also been developed to be able to mount the crane in combination with a hook lift system. The 8x4 Scania R580-V8 comes with a new open box that fits the hooklift.

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