Robin Holsappel

Robin Holsappel

Last week we were informed about the sad news that 30-year old truck photographer Robin Holsappel has passed away as a result of the terrible muscle disease Duchenne. Our thoughts are with Robin's family and friends and we wish them much strength.

To stop or slow down the effects of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a lot of research - and therefore money - is needed. Do you remember that in April we launched a special miniature model in collaboration with Robin Holsappel? Entirely according to Robin's design, a flashy model was realised. Throughout this process Robin has been closely involved in the realisation of his model and two months ago he received the very first official Robin Holsappel model.

The moment came last week: in consultation with Robin's family the special, sold-out miniature model will be delivered today to those who have reserved a model. Moreover, the donation is in good hands with the Duchenne foundation.  Thank you again for doing your bit to help eradicate the Duchenne muscle disease.

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