Tekno presents the new IVECO S-WAY

Tekno presents the new IVECO S-WAY

A completely new addition to our range: The IVECO S-WAY! A completely newly developed model with the recognizable sturdy cabin, unique chassis and all of its individual components replicated in 1:50 scale.

Initially, the German company Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG owned the remaining 20% of the shares in IVECO. However, in 1980 they were transferred to the Fiat group, which since then has been the sole owner. IVECO was created in 1975 as a merger between Fiat's truck division, the Italian truck manufacturer OM, the French Unic and the German Magirus-Deutz AG under the leadership of the Fiat Group, to which 80% of the new company belonged. The IVECO S-WAY was introduced in 2019 as successor to the well-known Stralis.

The IVECO S-WAY is characterized as a truck with many advanced technologies, noticeably efficient fuel consumption and a completely new spacious cabin. It is designed to provide drivers with an excellent life on board with all mod cons. Tekno has been working in the background on this project for quite some time, whereby product development has been restarted from scratch.

The model is highly detailed from design to production, using processed which use the most modern technologies. A beautiful and detailed model has been made in collaboration with the truck developers and marketing department of IVECO.

From today the Rüssel IVECO S-WAY 4x2 can be reserved on our website. The next models will be announced soon, with plenty of beautiful variants to come!

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