Takeover of Bemo Models by Tekno B.V.

Takeover of Bemo Models by Tekno B.V.

We are happy to announce that Bemo Models will be taken over by Tekno as of 20 February 2020.
For more than 22 years, Bemo Models has been the supplier of spare parts for your 1:50 DIY models. With a lot of passion and dedication, Harry and Dorie Schrooijen have worked to make the company Bemo Models what it is today. They are now going to enjoy their well-deserved retirement and want to thank their customers for the trust and appreciation they have received in recent years.

We are proud and delighted that Bemo Models will be a part of Tekno and we’re looking forward to continuing to provide you with the right parts, kits and all other related items.

From today we are moving from Limburg to de Lier. This is expected to take 2 weeks, meaning your orders placed after February 18th will be sent during the week of March 9th.

Harry and Dorie will help us in the background to make the transition as smooth as possible. For you as a customer nothing will change, the service and quality will be as you are used to from Tekno and Bemo Models.

If you have any questions, you can already find a number of answers below. If your question is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us.

We at Tekno look forward to be of service!
With kind regards,

Will the name of Bemo Models be retained?
Yes, we will continue to use the Bemo Models name for the time being.
Can you continue to order via https://www.bemomodels.com/nl?
Yes, you can continue to enter your order via the mentioned website and your existing account.
What happens with your current orders?
A lot of work is being done behind the scenes to ensure that the takeover goes as smoothly as possible. Orders after 18-02-2020 will be processed by Tekno. We will be sending packages again from Monday March 9th.
What does the acquisition mean for you as a customer?
You can count on our service and quality!
Contact details:
Bemo Models
Coldenhovelaan 8
tel: 0174-725600
email: info@bemomodels.com

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