History Tekno

The brand Tekno has appealed to a lot of people for many decades. Started in 1928 in a basement in Copenhagen it has grown to become a fully-fledged and world respected manufacturer of model trucks.
Here under you can read the history and step-by-step development of a brand, which because of its exceptional high-quality has gained a special place in the miniature-truck-industry.


1928 - The emergence of the brand Tekno

The birthplace of “Tekno Dansk Legetojs Industri” was in a basement of a building in the Danish town of Vanlose, near Copenhagen. On September 1, 1928, under very simple circumstances, the now world famous Tekno was founded. Founder and only employee at that moment was Mr. A. Siegumfeldt. As a plumber he ran his own company. However, Siegumfeldt has ambitions in the toy industry. He decided to sell his company and dedicated himself completely to the sale of tin plated miniature models.

Around the thirties Denmark was importing a lot of toys from Germany, which at that time were the undisputed market leader. To challenge the competition seems to be a dream without any hope of success, or at least that was the opinion of those around Mr. Siegumfeldt. It does not discourage him. Siegumfeldt carried on ….. with success!


1974 - A new start for Tekno

In 1974, Tekno Denmark moved to the Netherlands under the name “Tekno Toys”. One of the first decisions of the Dutch management of Tekno Toys was to make the company specialized in the production of model trucks, a wise decision, because it made Tekno Toys very popular again. In 1989 the word “Toys” was deleted from the name. Because of the excellent quality and the price level these products cannot be regarded as toys.

When Tekno started in 1974 there was just the Scania LB(S) and L(S) 110 and the Volvo F89 with only two semitrailers (tarpaulin and container). Now the collection consists of 8 marques: Scania, Volvo, DAF, Mercedes-Benz,MACK, Renault, Iveco and MAN. Tekno clients may choose from more than 40 (!) different trailers and semitrailers.


Present - Tekno continues to grow

In 2003 the company opened its own Museum displaying thousands of old and new models. A huge success. Since the opening of the museum countless people have become acquainted with the history of a brand which for many sends a chill down the spine: Tekno.

Since 2006 Tekno has been organizing the annual recurring Tekno Event. A one-day event where every year thousands of people come to visit. Each year at least 100 trucks show up in the event, a place where Tekno either has presented or will present its own miniature models. In addition to the presented trucks on this particular day, Tekno would also offer a wide range of products which are quite interesting for the collectors. Every year again a successful day, according to many visitors.

In 2012 Tekno has become one of Europe's leading suppliers of miniature trucks. Tekno has designed many original and existing truck models for a number of well-known companies and organizations. The strength of Tekno is that we keep pushing further where others stop.

History Lion Toys 

1946: Arie van Leeuwen established Lion Toys. The early years saw the manufacture of toy railways and cars by the enthusiastic Van Leeuwen. Good and professional craftsmanship typified the company from the very beginning.

1958: The founder Arie van Leeuwen moved with his company Lion Toys from Wassenaar to Nistelrode and invested in the first modern injection moulding machine. The order book continued to grow and a second production line was set up in Dinther.

1992: Arie van Leeuwen passed away. His wife and daughter continued the company, but the vacuum left by the innovator of the characteristic ‘Lion-features’ was great.

1994: Peter Vijverberg and Henk van der Muil take over Lion Toys and establish a new factory in Uden in 1998. The development of new models is tackled enthusiastically.

1995: Peter Vijverberg wins Model Builder of the Year in the category scale-model lorries 1:50-1:43. In 1997 and 2003 he wins this title again.

2009: Lion Toys is taken over by IBN-production Uden. Both Peter Vijverberg and Henk van de Muil remain involved with Lion Toys.

2010: Lion Toys is taken over by Tekno BV





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