The range of Tekno

Tekno almost has no limitations. We can deliver you the most precise truck models, within a very broad assortment. The choice is yours: Totally complete models with even the finest and most precise accessories like flashing lights, toolboxes and skirts or maybe you require a lesser-detailed model? Needles to say that in both cases, there is no doubt that the quality is simply excellent because the Tekno name stands for Quality.

The choice you make depends on the purpose you need the model for. If you need a small serie, than exclusivity is more obvious than series with large numbers. In addition, Tekno has a large number of basic models 'start-ready'. Major popular brands like DAF, Scania, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and MAN are available in different cab-variations, all with fenders, skirts etc. And do you prefer a 'classic' model from the last half-century? We can also deliver those models.

Who is Tekno and what do we do? In this video we take you into the world of Tekno and how our beautiful models are produced:

Tekno medewerkers

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