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We believe a model truck is only a valuable gift when quality and details go hand-in-hand with the original. That is why our quality-conscious customers choose Tekno models. We offer a complete range and have a large stock of basic models.  

You can also find the latest models at Tekno. No matter what you look for, we always deliver models that meet the highest demands and qualities. The result is a realistic replica of the truck, which is equipped with special accessories, from air horn to the tailgate. Tekno’s flexibility and skills make all kind of productions possible.

We make custom models that meet your requirements. Actually, nothing is odd or impossible, and almost everything can be done. The price depends on several elements, such as, quantity, design and construction, accessories and packaging. We would be glad to provide you with an offer that meets your particular needs. Please fill out the form below as clearly as possible, or contact one of our salesmen.

Who is Tekno and what do we do? In this video we take you into the world of Tekno and how our beautiful models are produced:

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