Januari 2019

Januari 2019
Meer informatie
Naam Januari 2019
Bouwjaar 2019
Merk Volvo
Bouwer Paulo Henrique da Silva

Het verhaal van Paulo Henrique da Silva :

When I saw this Volvo 8x4, I quickly realised that it might perfectly represent a Brazilian version of a Volvo truck. Without to much changes in the truck, I just the removed the lights on the top of the cabin and replaced the storage box located behind it by a fuel tank upon the support of air and electricity hoses that are connected to the trailer.

Then I ideated and asked for a colleague of mine to produce it. The trailer is made of wood cut with laser, that my colleague produces for 1/50 truck scale models. The trailer represent a typical model model used grains transportation. It is possible to notice that it is loaded and partially covered by the tarp.

This model represents a typical 8x4 tractor trailers used in Brazil. Many Brazilian collectors use Tekno models to represent typical models of trucks of our country.

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