NEW Volvo FH!

NEW Volvo FH!

The 5th edition of their heaviest vehicles, the Volvo FH05 and FH16 05, recently presented by Volvo, is closely followed by Tekno, resulting in three cab variants for the FH05; the Globetrotter, the Globetrotter XL and the XXL.

The renewed cabin has been changed on a number of points compared to the FH04. For example, indicators have been added to the doors, the wiper plate and the front bumper have been completely renewed at the front and the headlight units have been changed, the under spoiler for the front bumper is optional and the steps have been given a new shape. The large grille has also been redesigned.

The newly developed XXL cab is now also available for the FH04 in addition to the FH05 and can be recognized by the longer side fenders, the cab support and the connection for the air intake that are placed further back and the installation of a new air intake pipe.

The chassis configurations are identical to those of the FH04, the chassis parts are also unchanged with a newly designed damper cover for the FH05. The first model is already in production and can now be ordered!


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