Mei 2021

Meer informatie
Naam Mei 2021
Bouwjaar 2021
Schaal 1:50
Merk Volvo
Uitvoering Container oplegger
Bouwer Alexander Buzdin
Fabrikant Tekno

Het verhaal van Alexander Buzdin:

I present to your attention a scale model VOLVO F1020 with a semitrailer container ship FRUEHAUF. One of the road trains, which operated in the Odessa commercial port during the CCCP times, was chosen as the original model.The base for the KIT VOLVO F10 tractor model from BEMO.

The cab and fuel tank have been shortened. Cut out space for glass on the rear of the cab. All nameplates, registration numbers and the front grille are photo-etched. The trailer is plastic, the containers are only repainted.

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