A Perfect Ten: Volvo F16 Globetrotter of Ederveen – Truckstar Legends

A Perfect Ten: Volvo F16 Globetrotter of Ederveen – Truckstar Legends

A Perfect Ten: Volvo F16 Globetrotter of Ederveen – Truckstar Legends

Attention, enthusiasts! In collaboration with Truckstar, we proudly present the latest addition to the Truckstar Legends series. Number 10 in this unique collection is another beauty: the Volvo F16 Globetrotter of Ederveen.

In the 1980s, Bertus Ederveen, owner of Ederveen Transport Company in Veenendaal, transformed his Volvo Globetrotters into true eye-catchers. He adorned them with stunning special paint designs and added Australian accessories such as vertical exhaust pipes, high air intakes, and a distinctive kangaroo bar. These modifications made the trucks truly one-of-a-kind and drew much attention, including at the Truckstar Festival.

The Volvo F16 Globetrotter of Ederveen, introduced in 1987 with square headlights, became the ultimate workhorse. With its signature dark blue base color and magnificent airbrush artwork on the cab and fuel tanks, this truck once again captured everyone's gaze. It also featured alloy wheels, vertical exhaust pipes, four air horns, and a kangaroo bar bumper. The success of this model was evident when the F16 was crowned the Most Beautiful Truck in the Netherlands in 1989. Despite its unique build, the truck was actually used for long-distance journeys, even reaching as far as Russia.

Now, Tekno has meticulously reproduced the Volvo F16 Globetrotter of Ederveen as a miniature scale model. This collectible piece captures all the intricate details, including the special bumper, special paint, and vertical exhaust pipes. As part of the Truckstar Legends series, a collaboration between Truckstar and Tekno, this exclusive and limited-edition miniature model will be released. It comes packaged in a special Legends box with a numbered certificate.

You can already pre-order the Volvo F16 through www.tekno.nl/truckstarlegends, with delivery scheduled for December 2023. Stay tuned for future releases in the Truckstar Legends series.

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